The Chef in the Hat

The Chef In The Hat is Thierry Rautureau, the talented force behind Loulay Kitchen & Bar and Luc restaurants, bringing a French twist to the best of Pacific Northwest cuisine.


For Mother's Day (May 8), in addition to our regular menus, we will serve food and cocktail specials. 


Saturday  & Sunday 7am to 2pm 

600 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101

TEL. (206) 402.4588

Menu & Cocktail Specials:

Ramp Rubbed Grilled Leg of Lamb warm spring vegetable, Israeli couscous salad, fried duck egg, lamb sauce $28

Belle Frais vodka, grapefruit juice, fragola, simple syrup, cava, mini strawberries $12

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Saturday & Sunday 10am to 3pm 

2800 E. Madison
Seattle, Wa 98112

TEL. (206) 328.6645

Menu & Cocktail Specials: 

Dungeness Crab Benedict grilled asparagus, potato hash $17

Strawberry-Tarragon Spritzer lillet, rose champagne, soda $10

Mineola Mimosa the classic $9

Strawberry-Tarragon-Citrus Soda (non-alcoholic)  $5

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Looks delicious! Learn more about Luc and Loulay