The Chef in the Hat

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The Chef In The Hat is Thierry Rautureau, the talented force behind Loulay Kitchen & Bar and Luc restaurants, bringing a French twist to the best of Pacific Northwest cuisine.


Kitchen Circus On YouTube

Kitchen Circus is a live event and a reality web series that includes home cooks testing their skills in the Rover’s professional kitchen . Each episode showcases three contestants competing to create one dinner course to serve to 45 people.

The competition is exciting and involves real people in all aspects. Only amateur home cooks were able to audition to compete in Kitchen Circus and every dish was judged by the dinner guests. The winners from each dinner moved on to the Finale at the end of the season.

Celebrity Guests in the series include: Tom Douglas

(James Beard Award Winning Chef/Restaurateur), Steve Scher (NPR Radio Host), Jason Wilson (Chef/Owner at Crush), and Maria Hines (Chef/Owner at Tilth).

Each 30 minute episode is now available on YouTube