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The Chef In The Hat is Thierry Rautureau, the talented force behind Loulay Kitchen & Bar and Luc restaurants, bringing a French twist to the best of Pacific Northwest cuisine.


Meet Loulay’s Pastry Chef: Chuck Dugo

We’d like to welcome a new member to The Chef in the Hat team! Chuck Dugo joined the team downtown at Loulay as our pastry chef. We spoke to Chuck about his career path as a chef and his passions outside of the kitchen.

Welcome Chuck!

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I grew up in a large Italian family, surrounded by various agriculture and farming in Northern California in a town called Escalon.

While I was exploring colleges of Industrial and Fine arts (I am also a large scale painter and sculptor and have an extensive background in graphic design as my family owns a sign company) my inner compass reminded me of the culinary seed that had been planted growing up in that large Italian family (and all the celebrations) so I did some research of classic European cuisine and that was the moment I decided I had to learn how to make all of these beautiful things. I went to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco when I was 20. 

The artistry of food was appealing indeed, but it wasn't until I worked with Pastry Chef Jemal Edwards, that I became aware of how my creativity could be applied to the world of pastry. This was the moment I decided to become a pastry chef.

What are your must have items in the kitchen?
1. great ingredients
2. batch ice cream freezer
3. time
4. my knives
5. my creative muse

When you're not making pastries and desserts at Loulay, you're...

The approach I have in life is that it's a journey without a destination. I have many interests form producing fine art, cooking for groups of friends and family, fishing, hunting, back country camping, off-roading, dirt bikes, cooking in embers, surrounding myself with beautiful things, gardening, building things, and I could go on forever.

My life's work will be complete... 

once I find the perfect... non alcoholic bourbon!

How I like my drinks:

Hopefully inspired by Charles Barker