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The Chef In The Hat is Thierry Rautureau, the talented force behind Loulay Kitchen & Bar and Luc restaurants, bringing a French twist to the best of Pacific Northwest cuisine.


Chefs Corner with Loulay's New Chef de Cuisine, Mike Landon

We are so happy to welcome chef Mike Landon into the role of Chef de Cuisine at Loulay. Our relationship with Mike started at Loulay over three years ago. He began in the Garde-Manger station (Pantry), after leaving his previous role as a lead cook. He worked his way through the kitchen station by station, became the executive Sous-Chef over one and a half year ago and moved into his current position of Chef de Cuisine in May of this year. We are very excited to have Mike as our kitchen leader and are fully confident his craftsmanship and professional experience will blossom at Loulay.

Recently, we sat down to chat with Mike about what he is looking forward to cooking this summer season, what he likes coming out of the garden and what he brought on his last camping trip.

What is coming into season?

Things that are coming up right now are all sorts of summer squash, corn, stone fruits, berries. Summer is quite a treat when it comes to product availability! 

 What is your favorite ingredient straight from the garden right now? 

My favorite ingredient right now is savory, the herb. So versatile. It marries well with just about anything! Fish, pork, beef, chicken, and vegetables. And it's pretty slept on. It is not a very popular herb-yet- but it is sweet, delicious with a hint of rosemary, sage, and mint combined. It is delicious.

What are you bringing with you to cook on your camping trip? 

We brought the basics. Had some nice sausages, eggs, veggies and a few other staples. Oh, can't lie I did bring a couple Snake River Farms wagyu steaks with me. Cooked in the coals of our fire, wooooo wee! Talk about delicious! 

What is coming up on the menu at Loulay?

We are ready to show a new menu this week, I am really excited about that! I have full confidence in the team at Loulay to help me in making it a very successful update! Come on down, try it and give us your feedback!  Cheers!