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New Recipe: Blueberry and Corn Salad

There is something about the sunny days and warm weather that really inspires a dish that is fresh and served cold. We love this recipe because it uses ingredients that are fresh from the garden it can really highlight those flavors with a very simple and easy recipe. 

Simple and easy are always wonderful words to hear when you are thinking about whipping a dish up. This one is guaranteed to be a success at your next summer BBQ.

Try this recipe out at home and share it with us! Post the pics of your dishes on Instagram and be sure to tag us, @chefinthehat.

I stole this one from Tom Douglas and made it mine

blueberry corn.jpg

Blueberry & Corn Salad


1 pint Blueberries

Corn Kernels of 4 ears raw

Rice Vinegar

Olive Oil

1 bunch of Chives, finely chopped

4 tablespoons of Basil, finely chopped

Black Pepper, ground


  1. Combine the blueberries and the corn kernels in a mixing bowl.
  2. In another bowl, whisk together the rice vinegar and olive oil together.  Use a 3x1 ratio.  Add to blueberries and corn, and add enough dressing just to lightly coat.
  3. Add Chives, Basil, Salt, and Pepper to taste.

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